Copy House to Boost Awareness for Klarna’s Open Banking Services

Our team has partnered up with global payment solutions provider Klarna to promote their new Open Banking service with thought-leadership content.

Klarna was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, and now provides payment solutions for 85 million consumers, working with over 200,000 merchants in 17 countries. Their recently completed equity funding round achieved a valuation of $10.65bn (£7.7bn), making Klarna the highest-valued private FinTech company in Europe.

Already established in digital payments and interest-free financing across the globe, Klarna is now venturing into the world of Open Banking for Third-Party Providers (TTP). To establish the same level of brand affiliation for their new Open Banking service, Klarna needed compelling content that would inspire and educate their audience.

We’ve worked in FinTech since 2019 and have created Open Banking articles for clients like 365 Business Finance, Modulr and Lendflo. Our previous experiences set a strong foundation for creating content around Klarna’s new service.

Elias Pitsavos, Senior Marketing Manager at Klarna, comments:

“Open banking is a relatively new technology that some may struggle to understand fully. We wanted to partner with an agency that could grasp the complexity of the topic. Copy House demonstrated a strong ability to turn high-tech subjects into digestible content, which made them the perfect fit for us.”

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Cutting Through the Noise with Thought-Leadership Content

Our content for Klarna demonstrates our ability to master complex subjects and provide a refreshing angle that captures Klarna’s desire to stand out from the crowd.

Before diving into long-form content production, we started by creating a content marketing strategy. Our content marketing strategy drew insights from Klarna’s existing brand strategy and incorporated SEO as well as market research to create a solid roadmap for future articles. Our content strategy created a structure for producing regular articles aligned to target audiences and markets.

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Copy House’s Managing Director, Kathryn Strachan, comments:

“After specialising in FinTech for the last 18 months, we’re excited to work with such a renowned brand as Klarna. Klarna is experiencing an exciting growth stage as they expand their service offerings and seek to further empower everyday customers with Open Banking technology. We’re thrilled to be part of this development and lend our skills to such a worthy cause.”

Klarna Content Marketing
Klarna Content Marketing
Klarna Content Marketing

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By applying our creative flair to topics like B2B Business Payments, multi-banking and personal finance management, and Automated Invoice Finance, we’ve created FinTech content that’s engaging and easy to understand. Our background in FinTech means we know the market, language and opportunities for helping you build better relationships with your audience and nurture sales through the funnel.

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