SEO Content Creation Process: How We Built Copy House’s New Website

Did you know that 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on its website?

Having a well-designed, well-written website is critical to your company’s success. So it’s essential to periodically review your website to make sure it mirrors your company as it develops and helps you put your best foot forward.

Copy House has grown rapidly this year and needed a new website to reflect our current market position and unique selling points.

Following a brand strategy session in March 2020, we created new SEO optimised landing pages for our agency and partnered with web design agency, Kuro Kin, to get the perfect design that captured the Copy House spirit.

Building a Winning Brand & Content Strategy For the Site

We started our project with a content strategy workshop looking at our brand identity, market place and core messaging. Our full-day session allowed us to better understand our brand and how we wanted to present ourselves to the world.

The workshop gave our MD Kathryn Strachan the opportunity to explore the company’s DNA and define what makes us unique. We used the insights from this session to create a brand book that captured the fundamentals of the Copy House brand, including our target audience and premium positioning.

Copy House’s Marketing Manager, Madelon Kortenaar, comments: “Getting the foundation right is key to creating a successful website. Make sure your website is built with your customer in mind and do proper research. Also, implement tools to measure success and adjust along the way.” 

Copy House

Creating a Solid SEO Strategy with Strong Keywords

To create focused and effective website copy, you have to understand the search terms your audience uses and underlying search intent.

Keyword research is the backbone for building SEO optimised websites that will rank on search engines and send organic traffic to your website. As such, you want to start a web build by creating an SEO strategy that maps a primary and secondary keyword for each strategically important landing page.

We start this process by conducting thorough keyword research using SEMrush. With keyword research, you want to start with a broad sweep looking at all possibly relevant keywords. Once you’ve gathered the necessary data, you then want to consider search volumes and keyword difficulties to select the primary and secondary keywords.

This forms the basis of our SEO strategy and, when coupled with the insights from the content marketing discovery session, allows for high-ranking landing page copy.

Copy House

Creating Powerful Website Content

You can think of your website as your company’s showroom. As the first, or at least second, touchpoint for people, the copy and design need to grab their attention and immediately showcase your strengths.

Once we finalised our SEO strategy and keyword research so they aligned with our brand & content strategy, we incorporated these insights into the website through cleverly crafted content. Our new website copy needed to clearly reflect Copy House’s core values, expertise, and services.

Through close collaboration and teamwork, we created SEO optimised web copy with a personal touch that clearly communicates who we are and what we do. By getting the whole team involved, we ensured our copy captured every aspect of the Copy House brand.

Copy House

Developing an Eye-Catching Design

While SEO web copy is undoubtedly an essential element of a successful website, it’s only one half of the equation.

To showcase our copy in the best light, we needed an eye-catching design that would resonate with our audience. We worked closely with our design team to create a website that perfectly balances creative web design with our innovative and engaging copy.

Rob Cornish, MD at Kurokin, comments: “They’d been thorough when building the foundation and strategy for the website. We could then simply build from that to make sure the website looked good and was user-friendly. 

This project has been a very collaborative experience from the start. Copy House are excellent at setting out structures and organising the project to keep everyone on the same page, which made our work a lot easier. Copy House has been an ideal client to work with, and the project has been very enjoyable for us.”

Final Website Content Elements

Before hitting publish, it’s important to add some finishing touches such as:

  • Blog posts – In order to rank on page 1 for high-volume keywords, you need to publish regular content to your site. So you’ll want to fill our new blog with some useful articles, including both trending and evergreen topics, before hitting publish.
  • Team photos – The best way to bring your brand personality through is to invest in personalised photos of your office and your team. Visitors will see who you are and feel more connected to your brand, which will inspire them to work with you.
  • Case studies – During the development of the website, we conducted case studies with some of our most satisfied clients. Case studies are one of the highest converting forms of content and the ultimate way to demonstrate your proven value.
Copy House

Create Your Unforgettable SEO Website With Copy House

Copy House knows what it’s like to build a website from scratch, and we’ve used the same process for our own website as we will for yours. We’ll use our expertise and experience to help you create a stunning SEO optimised web copy that will attract prospects to your site and convert them into clients. Start your website journey by sending us a message and arranging a quick chat.

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